I was having lunch today at Villager's Cafe' in Maurice; delicious po-boys and interesting memorabilia on the walls.

One of the items on the wall is this bicycle.

Photo by: John Falcon

I had a bike like that when I was a kid, only it was the boy's model.

Looking at this bicycle, a girl's model, the bar that runs from the 'steering' area to the seat post goes lower than the boy's model.  I am guessing they are made that way to allow for girls to wear dresses while riding.  This is a boy's model:

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Notice the impact area, clearly marked by a circle and arrows?  Why would they raise that bar to be in a place that could, um, hurt?  When stopped waiting for traffic, or waiting for your friends to catch up (I was pretty fast on my bike as a kid), straddling the bicycle took some finesse, if you know what I mean.

Why don't the bike manufacturers make all the bikes like the girl's model, so that we don't have to worry using our bikes as one of these??


Not being a girl, I asked the ladies at lunch if riding a boy's bicycle was "risky" for a girl.  The answer?  A resounding "YES!!".

So, if it hurts boys AND girls, why make one with that bar within the margin for blinding pain??  I am sure that there is a reason, I just don't know what it is.

I've been waiting 30 years to rant about this.  Thank you, internet, for allowing me to vent.