It seems like Pickleball came out of left field...or left court? Either way, we wanted to find out for ourselves what all the hype is about and where we can embarrass ourselves in a judgment-free zone. We spoke with the Lafayette Pickleball Club to find out the deal with pickleball.

If you are unfamiliar with the sport some might describe it as a cross between tennis and ping pong. It appeals to a wide range of people with varying levels of athleticism and depending on your level of interest pickleball can be played casually or competitively. Everyone from Drew Brees to maw maws and paw paws has taken a liking to the sport and it has risen in popularity, especially in Lafayette.

Lafayette Pickle Ball Club Via Facebook
Lafayette Pickle Ball Club Via Facebook

How you can get out there and start playing:

With the help of social media, it’s easier than ever to get plugged into groups that give you daily updates. Here are a few that you should follow asap.

If you are starting out and want to get connected, the Amateur Pickleball Association Facebook page is one place you should check out because they coordinate and manage pickleball tournaments across the country including here in Louisiana.

If you're interested in playing, you can download the Pickle Play App to find out where and what time you can play locally it also makes it easy to meet new players along with joining the Pickleball Lafayette Facebook page to make sure you get daily updates on all things pickleball.

Brendan Sapp Via Unsplash
Brendan Sapp Via Unsplash

Lafayette Pickleball Club Coming Soon

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the investment group behind the highly anticipated Lafayette Pickleball Club and we got the full scoop on all things pickleball.

According to the LPC, with the growth and popularity of Pickleball, it has become increasingly difficult over the last few years to secure a court time due to the lack of courts in the area. As avid pickleball players, they were experiencing this issue firsthand and thought that our community could benefit from a facility like the one they are building at 500 Verot School Rd. in Lafayette.

Not only is it challenging to reserve a court these days but the weather poses another threat that prevents people from playing as often as they'd like to. The great news is that The Lafayette Pickleball Club will be an indoor facility that will provide a consistent place to play pickleball even on the rainiest days.

Lafayette Pickleball Club Via Facebook
Lafayette Pickleball Club Via Facebook

The Pickleball Community

The draw for most people who play is it is a very community-based sport. Jenny Thibodeaux says that she has met so many different people and that pickleball has brought interesting opportunities into her life that would have never happened had she not started playing the sport. She wants to share that joy and passion with anyone who is willing to give pickleball a shot. Take a shot every time I say pickleball in this article, for legal purposes, that was a joke.

Lafayette has an amazing community of pickleball players and LPC says it's only continuing to grow despite the limited courts. They feel like the community "deserves to have a place to call its own" and are looking forward to opening this year.

Joan Azeka Via Unsplash

Where To Play Pickleball In Lafayette

While we wait for the Lafayette Pickleball Club to open sometime this winter 2023, there are countless courts available to you know where you can put that paddle to use such as the Youngsville Sports Complex which has six indoor courts with AC so you don’t die of a heat stroke that would certainly ruin your family fun. You can find the court schedules here. For all the newbies out there be sure to head over on Thursdays when they have a reserved beginners court.

Open play is a fun way to meet other pickleball players, if that sounds like you then Beauilleu Park behind Comeaux high school and Thomas Park both offer just that.

Upcoming Pickle Ball Events

UL Volleyball is hosting a Pickleball classic August 4-10th

Drew Brees'-Nola PickleFest August 10th-14th

Baton Rouge Pickle Ball Tournament August 26-27th

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