Have you ever rapped like no one was watching? LOL! So did this guy's wife and it went viral!

This is why I only sing when I'm by myself, everyone has a camera and are ready to put you on YouTube. That's what happened to this guy's wife. She was all into her groove, just rapping along to Salt-n-Pepa till she sees her husband filming her. Then she just stops! But, her husband makes it up in the description.

According to YouTube user Sir Prise, his wife is the most beautiful human being he knows.. (all together now...awwwww!) He absolutely adores the moments he gets to watch her turn into a rapper on the fly.

In his YouTube description he has a very good point, he says;

"Don't be shy people, say you love your loved ones, treasure the little moments and don't worry if people are judging you!"

Who would've thought you would get so much out of a video about a rapping wife. LOL!!