After his performance during the CMAs, fans everywhere couldn't help but notice how winded and weak the country icon sounded while singing. Nelson has been suffering from emphysema for a long time, along with recurring pneumonia. He has done all he can to combat the problems, including an operation on his lungs involving stem cells.

Willie Nelson
Rich Fury, Getty Images

The CMA performance proved that he needed to do something more. He has decided that he will no longer smoke, including he beloved Mary Jane. Before you tilt your head in disbelief too much, it doesn't mean he will completely give up the green. According to his son, Lukas Nelson,

It's almost 2020, how people ingest cannabis has changed. Between vaping, edibles, gummies, drops, etc. I think it's safe to say Willie will never stop enjoying Mary Jane!

In 2015, Nelson started his own company "Willie's Remedy". The company created various products featuring marijuana, including edibles, vaping supplies, teas, coffees, and more. Willie even calls himself the "chief testing officer". Nelson started smoking cedar bark in the early years of his life, that transitioned into cigarettes later on. Now, I suppose he will just start snacking on random brownies and gummies.

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