Yesterday we told you that the Advertiser was reporting that the man accused of murdering UL student Mickey Shunick and Lisa Pate, Brandon Scott Lavergne, would be in court this Friday morning for an evidentiary hearing. Now we're learning, from the same source, that there may be a witness testifying in the Brandon Scott Lavergne case Friday morning. Assistant D.A Keith Stutes requested a "limited to the perpetuation of testimony," and Fifteenth Judicial District Court Judge Herman Clause granted the request. Since then, we have learned that under such circumstances, witnesses may be allowed to testify under such conditions in the event that they are not able to attend the actual trial.

The advertiser spoke to a defense attorney, Kevin Stockstill, and he said that such hearings are uncommon, but do exist. If an attorney fears that a witness may not be able to attend the actual trial, they can request that the court allow their testimony during such hearings.

For days now there has been speculation that Lavergne may have entered a plea deal after "a credible source" led police, Aug. 7, to the body of Mickey Shunick buried behind an Evangeline Parish cemetery off La. 10, just northwest of Mamou. If you recall, Lavergne was checked out of the Lafayette Parish jail on Aug. 7th for several hours which has led many to speculate that he may have led authorities to the burial site in Evangeline Parish.

The Advertiser does write, "But the hearing for the perpetuation of testimony suggests there is no plea deal."


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