shared a screenshot of his iPhone background—a photo of Drake.

I personally think this is hilarious, and what is even funnier is Wiz saying that the reason he has the Toronto rapper as his background is because it "reminds him of prom." I have no idea what that means, but I love it.

No response from Drake, but the post from Wiz may be an indicator that they are working together. According to XXL, it is also rumored that Wiz may be working with One Direction. The Pittsburgh native claimed that if they ever work with a rapper, he's got dibs.

They [One Direction] haven’t done a collaboration with a rapper and I’d love to work with them. I was once on the same flight as Harry Styles and he told me I would be the first rapper they’d do it with.

I wonder who Amber Rose has on her iPhone background?

[via XXL]