A WKBT news anchor recently addressed a viewer who called her "fat" and "overweight," and she didn't hold back!! Jennifer Livingston received an e-mail from a viewer that labeled her overweight and a bad example for children.

The news anchor then addressed the person who wrote this e-mail to her and she DID NOT hold back!! We applaud her for one addressing this e-mail and for two staying true to who she is. We have always said that being who you are is always way cooler than trying to be someone you really aren't.

I bet the person who wrote this e-mail to her did not expect the response she gave on live television, nor did they expect so many people to support Ms. Livingston. Its sad that there are still people out there who can't look within one's soul, rather they critique just what they see on the outside of someone.

Lastly, don't you find it ironic that the person who wrote this e-mail says because she is overweight she is setting a bad example for children, yet he takes part in the most childish of all acts? Again, good for her for standing up to those who throw rocks.