Witnesses at an Arizona zoo say a woman was attacked by a jaguar after she crossed a safety barrier to take a selfie with the animal.

A very graphic video shows a woman howling in pain with a deep wound on her arm. Although her name wasn't released, local reports say the woman was in her 30s and was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Adam Wilkerson filmed the video that was posted to social media claiming that his mother helped to free the woman from the jaguar's grasp.

My mom runs up and takes her water bottle and shoves it through the cage near where the jaguar is, and the jaguar goes to let go of the girl to take the water bottle.

Another clip that Wilkerson posted shows the same jaguar gnawing on a plastic water bottle inside its enclosure. It should be noted that the jaguar did not leave its enclosure during the attack and according to the director of Wildlife World Zoo, its the second time an attack like this has taken place with this particular cat.

Every time that you have an incident in a zoo, you’re going to double check it and meet with your staff try to figure out a way to stop that incident from happening again. But again, when people do not respect the barriers, there’s always a chance there might be a problem. They are there for a good reason.

According to the director, the animal will not be harmed because of "human behavior."

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