The internet is reacting to a viral video that shows an altercation between two individuals. As one woman approaches the other and attempts to hit her with a bat, the attack quickly backfires. Meanwhile, a man gives a half-hearted effort to break up the altercation as he carries on eating a sandwich.



While it is unclear as to what exactly led up to this altercation, is was immediately clear from the video that these two individuals were not happy with each other. As one woman approaches with a baseball bat in hand, the other woman questions her use of the weapon. Unfortunately for the woman wielding the bat, the weapon would prove to be ineffective.

Twitter via @bitchesbfightin
Twitter via @bitchesbfightin

As the woman who initially swung the bat ended up on the ground in a no-win position, a man calmly walks into the frame of the camera. He can be seen eating a sandwich as he makes a half-hearted attempt at breaking up the skirmish.


The man eventually gives up his efforts to stop the fight and walks away as he continues to eat his sandwich.

Woman's Attempt at Bat Attack Backfires - Man Calmly Eats Sandwich

*** WARNING - The below video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised ***

See the video posted to Twitter below.

Reactions to the clip via Twitter here.

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