This is probably the most embarrassing way to get caught cheating.

A viral video shows a woman confronting her man about her "missing" food stamp card.

Based on the exchange in the clip, a heated female approaches a man who seems to be her boyfriend or husband accusing him of lying about losing her food stamp card. To make matters worse the man was in line with another female who had a basket full of groceries.

There is no way to tell if the man planned on buying the other woman groceries or not, but either way, the woman made enough of a scene for him to return the card plus some cash on top of that!

Of course, there are staged videos or "skits" like this, but many on social media have confirmed this was the real deal. There is no way to tell for sure, but this situation is embarrassing nonetheless.

Something tells me what he was doing was illegal, so maybe he's lucky that all he got was an embarrassing viral video out of the deal.

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