Alexandra Barnes must be hanging around Kanye West, because she thinks she's God.(sarcasm)  It all went down at a gas station in Daytona Beach, Florida. It started out as beautiful day at the beach front gas station, until Ms. Barnes showed up to pump some gas. Barnes did wait until she was done pumping her Scion with gas, then proceeded to spray gas all over her car, like a 2-year old that just started potty training. I guess she couldn't find a lighter, so she made her way into the gas station and stole one.

The Daytona News-Journal reported, Barnes repeatedly said while in the gas station store "I've got to get out here,"  That is definitely something crazy people scream, so its got to be true.  O.k., now back to the story.

That's when Craig Walker, the gas station worker stepped in and took the lighter from Barnes. That didn't stop her, she quickly grabbed another lighter and ran out of the store. Screaming I'm GOD .... I'm GOD..and torched her Scion.

Luckily, a bystander noticed she had dogs in the car and quickly rescued them from a fiery death.

Barnes then proceed to sit in the middle of the busy intersection hoping to get hit while still screaming 'I'm GOD... I'm God'. Meanwhile the gas station worker shut off the main valve to the pumps and called the po-po.

Barnes did get arrested and sent to guessed it ... the kuckoo's nest, a.k.a. the mental hospital. The gas station only suffered minor damages. Is it me, or do you keep singing Alicia Keys song 'This Girl is on fire'? Ok maybe its just me. Check out the video below.

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