Caitlin Cimeno is a Massachusetts mother of two who is in search of a new job after she was fired for posting a photo with two people dressed up as George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin in a pose that the word "offensive" doesn't even begin to describe.

William Filene, (who, according to Smoking Gun is a convicted felon) dressed up as Trayvon Martin. He painted on blackface and wore a hoodie with blood splattered on the chest. Yes, in the same place that the real Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman. Greg Cimeno dressed the part of George Zimmerman, sporting a shirt that said "Neighborhood Watch" and making the gesture of a gun with his hand, holding it up to Trayvon's (Filene's) head for the photo.

Caitlin Cimeno captioned the photo "Happy Halloween from Zimmerman & trayvon" accompanied by a cute little smiley face emoticon.

caitlin cimeno facebook

Hours after posting the photos, Cimeno deleted them, changed her Instagram name and locked all of her social media once she saw how serious the backlash was.

Obviously Caitlin doesn't know how the internet works.

Within minutes the internet wasted no time and social media users found out all her information through photos she posted of herself at work (in uniform), pictures she posted of her children, and even her license plate number.

It probably didn't help her case that a plethora of screenshots were taken showing numerous other instances where Cimeno was very uncut in expressing opinions that many would consider to be racist.

caitlin cimeno facebook screenshot

Almost instantly, her entire life and the offensive photo attached to it, went viral and it didn't take long for her employer to find out about the negative attention that their employee was receiving on a global level. In the end, the costume that she and her friends thought was "fawking hilarious," ended up costing Cimeno her job.

caitlin cimeno fired

Many are arguing that she was fired over something that was clearly just "a joke" and she should be let off the hook because she is "hot," while others believe she got what she deserved for something that was not a laughing matter.

To each his own, honestly, but my stance is the same as it has always been when it comes to people getting fired over things they post online:

When you work for a company, what you do outside of that company - be it in real life or on social media - is still a direct representation of who you are as an employee associated with that company. Whether it's fast food or a corporate position at a Fortune 500 company, as an adult you should always be well aware of guidelines, policies and what is expected of you as an employee, as well as the consequences that come with behavior that your employer would deem inappropriate.

Freedom of speech is a right that I will support to the death, and Caitlin Cimeno didn't do anything illegal; but in the end she did lose her job over something really, really stupid.

Do you think Caitlin Cimeno deserved to lose her job? Comment below!

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