It seems like it's expensive to breathe these days. Inflation might be the worst word in the English language. High gas prices, high electric bills, food's all ugly.

While scrolling on Twitter, I saw this screenshot of some woman posting her what monthly bill breakdown is...and I cackled until I cried.

She said "AHT AHT! I don't have time for the foolishness because I got bills!"

Now, it's not so much the actual money spent that's making everyone flock to this's her actual bills (or lack thereof)

Despite what we are mainly thinking seeing this, there is some finesse at play here.

My thing is...this chick should have all the time in the world to answer those "wyd?" texts...she isn't paying even a fraction of the bills that most of us pay.

There are also things that she has as free or very low cost....but she got the funds for weed and liquor?? Ok, babe. Do you, I guess?

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