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You gotta love social media. Catching criminals has never been so easy!

This is your idiot criminal of the day: 27-year-old Danielle Saxton from Illinois. She stole a leopard print dress from the store Mortie's Boutique. Ms. Saxton took it upon herself to take a selfie in the stolen dress and post it all over Facebook saying "check out my new dress." Within two hours she was arrested.

KFVS12 News

Here is how she got busted. The store's co-owner, Kert Williams, posted about the dress being stolen on Facebook at the same time as Ms. Saxton was uploading her selfie.

According to Huffington Post, the city of West Frankfort, Illinois has a population of only 8,000 people, and there was some overlap between the owner's friends and Danielle's friends. A few people immediately pointed the co-owner to Danielle's Facebook selfies, he called the cops, and Danielle was arrested for misdemeanor retail theft.  #BUSTED

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