Does she have a case?

A woman in Michigan is suing a man for $10,000 after he failed to show up for a date.

The young lady, QaShontae Short, says that she is suffering from "emotional distress" after the man stood her up, and claims that the man may have even committed perjury.

As busy as the courts are today, cases like this continue to "bog" the system down and you can tell that the judge presiding here is not amused.

Ms. Short also says that the date was scheduled on her mother's birthday, who just passed away, thus making the day even more emotional.

The judge says a claim like this should be handled in a circuit court instead, and orders it gets moved there. So yes, this case will be heard and a decision will be made.

By the way, did this woman really conduct her court hearing from an airport terminal?

Check out this court hearing, which was conducted virtually and you decide if she has a case here.


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