When I saw this video posted on The Adley Show Facebook page,  I cried from laughing so hard. You know during the coronavirus pandemic there have to be a lot of hair disasters. Since hair appointments are not considered "essential", that means we have hair growing out of control, gray roots coming out, and split ends for days. A lot of men are getting desperate and letting their significant other or family member cut their hair. For the majority of those guys, it turns out to be a hot mess.

My boyfriend asked me to take the clippers to his hair and this past weekend and I had a tiny accident. Let's just say he has a little gash. Yep. Not good. Watching this video makes me relive that experience and laugh pretty hard. I'm sure others can relate too.

The video is from Episode 14 of The Adley Show on YouTube, which features grammy-award winning country star Adley Stump.

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