WWE Superstar John Cena broke his nose last night on WWE's LIVE television show, Monday Night RAW. 

Cena was defending his U.S. Championship Belt against WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, Seth Rollins, when the the mishap occurred. Cena took a knee to the nose midway through the match and he immediately fell to the ring mat as blood poured from his nose.

A WWE doctor, who sits ringside, checked on Cena numerous times throughout the match. Still, John Cena stayed in the match and even won in what had to be a very painful match for the U.S Champ.

Reports out this morning say that WWE rushed Cena to a local medical facility after the show for evaluation. There is no word out yet if Cena will miss any time in the ring.

Here is a photo of John Cena backstage immediately following his match on RAW. Love him or hate him, you have got to respect this man for all that he has been through for the business.

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