How many times have you heard that line, don't eat the yellow snow. That same rule applies with sno balls. Seriously, what was this sno cone vender thinking when he took the sno cones he was selling into the bathroom. I got one word for him...DIRTY! Find out in the video how he got busted with the yellow sno cone.

Thank goodness I'm not a Houston Astros fan, cuz I would be mad as heck right now and pumping my stomach out. If you're a vender of any kind of food, at what point is this a good idea? Never bring your food, sno cone, drinks, cotton candy, anything to the restroom with you! Ahhhhhhh. He did get fired immediately according to the Houston Astros organization.

This is why I drink beer at a ball park and not sno cones. Man up already! Take this as a lesson learned. I must admit, I still love cotton candy. : )

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