Hammerhead worms are the talk of the internet right and apparently, people are worried...and I'm confused about that.

Hammerhead worms are currently making headlines all over the country right now. Texas, Missouri, Iowa, and more all reporting about and "warning" the public about this "Invasive Species". I'm not sure what all of the concern is because apparently, we've had them in Acadiana for who knows how long and we're all still alive.

Hammerhead Worms In Texas

Click2houston.com is just one of many sites and news outlets reporting about the recent discovery of hammerhead worms in the Houston area.

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Are hammerhead worms dangerous to humans or pets?

Not really. Hammerhead worms do however excrete neurotoxins to aid in their digestion and to help ward off predators. The neurotoxins cab be an irritant to the skin if you touch them, and can make dogs feel a bit crummy if they mess with them.

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The reason why hammerhead worms could be an issue has to do with the fact they eat earthworms. Earthworms are an important part of our ecosystem so if they started dwindling in number it could throw everything off with serious consequences.

If just looking at them gives you the creeps, then you're not going to like this next little factoid. If you see a hammerhead worm, don't cut it in half. Why? Because it regenerates and grows into two hammerhead worms doubling your nightmares.

As I've been seeing all of this hammerhead worm news pop up, looking at them seemed very familiar to me but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Then it hit me. I actually found one of these years ago at the studio and took a video of it.

I had no clue at the time what in the world it was which why it caught my attention.

Thankfully I'm still here to tell my story after my terrifying encounter with a hammerhead worm.

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