Young Thug's attorney is attempting to block the testimony of a police witness who claims the rapper gave him information on an old homicide case years ago.

Young Thug's Attorney Files Motion to Block Witness Testimony

On June 23, Young Thug's attorney Brian Steel filed a motion in Fulton County, Ga. Superior Court that aims to quash the testimony of prosecution witness Det. Quinn. Steel's reasoning for the motion, which was obtained by XXL on Thursday (June 29), is because he believes Quinn is going to provide the jury with false information. Quinn is reportedly going to testify that he met with Young Thug, born Jeffery Williams, in the back of a cop car and got information from Thug about an unsolved homicide when the rapper was younger.

"Based upon information and belief, the prosecution and some of its witnesses, including but not limited to Det. Quinn, may wrongly state that Mr. Jeffery Williams was in the back of their police car at some point and gave information on a murder case," the motion reads. "Same is untrue. However, same also places Mr. Williams' character in issue by being in a locked police car and having information on a murder. This evidence must be excluded because same is not accurate; places Mr. Williams’ character at issue; and is irrelevant to the trial of the above-referenced case."

It is unclear exactly when the police witness is claiming this incident took place. According to the motion, the witness is alleging the situation happened when the rapper was a "very young man."

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The Status of Young Thug's YSL RICO Case

Young Thug has been in jail since last May when was arrested along with 27 other affiliates of YSL and charged with violating Georgia's RICO Act. Less than a dozen codefendants are left on the case after most of the men initially charged took plea deals including Gunna. The trial started with jury selection in January but has been moving at a snail's pace. Last week, Thug's attorney filed a motion to dismiss charges against Thug and his codefendants due to the statute of limitations.

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