Sean Kingston again finds his name entangled in a beef. This time, he pops up between the issue with Soulja Boy and Quavo. But Young Thug is warning him to keep his distance.

SB and the Migos member have been beefing for the better part of a week since Soulja dropped a diss track creatively titled "Beef."

He later claimed Quavo refused to shoot a fair one, with Sean Kingston as his witness. “Quavo, I texted you my address, nigga, at one o’clock,” Soulja Boy said. “I waited for you till seven o’clock, we was ‘sposed to catch the fade, one on one, put it on WorldStar. You never showed up, nigga. You know how the fuck I’m rocking, nigga.”

Kingston co-signed the statement (below). "I was right there. Nigga said pull up, I want to fight one-on-one," the singer said. "This shit ain't have to go to no social was to the point where [Quavo] ain't show up, it's like okay, he want to go in. Niggas was waiting."

Kingston getting involved isn't sitting well with Thugger, who recently warned the portly pop star to stay in his lane. "PSA: That shit with Soulja Boy and Quavo of the Migos, let that shit be with them," Thugger said in a video posted to Instagram. "Sean Kingston, relax. Because we ain't gon' do too much playing. Relax. Stay outta that. I ain't telling you nothing but one time."

Earlier this year, Kingston found himself in the middle of The Game and Meek Mill's beef. We guess he didn't learn his lesson.

Check out Thugger's words of advice, above.

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