The Acadiana Advocate is reporting that Youngveille Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux was injured while operating a chainsaw during clean up after Hurricane Delta.

It was recently announced that the Youngsville Police Department would team up with the local Fire Dept to assist those with removing trees from their property.

Well, according to the Advocate, Chief Boudreaux was injured Wednesday morning while he was cutting a branch on a tree while using a chainsaw.

The cut on Boudreaux's leg required stitches, but that won't stop the chief from assisting others while cleaning up after the storm.

The catch here, it will be on his off time. Due to insurance regulations, no city employee can assist those on private property while "on the clock."

Still, Chief Boudreaux says that he will continue helping those who need help in cleaning up their property, but it will be while not on duty.

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