Youngsville Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux announced his resignation on Wednesday (Aug. 9).

According to our media partners at KATC, Boudreaux cited health concerns as the driving force behind his decision to resign. The news comes following a period of turbulence for the embattled chief, marked by conflicts with the City Council and ongoing investigations into his actions.

Chief Boudreaux, in a press conference held on Wednesday afternoon, addressed the media and the community, revealing his departure from the position he has held for years. Expressing the toll that the constant stress of his role had taken on his health, Boudreaux shared his decision to retire, effective August 21. The resignation letter has been submitted and is slated to be forwarded to the Secretary of State.

In a candid statement, Boudreaux acknowledged the difficult nature of the decision, highlighting his commitment to the city and its residents. "I may be leaving the job, but I'm not leaving the city," he assured, expressing his willingness to offer assistance if necessary. "It's time for me to take care of myself and my family, and I hope you all understand," he added.

Boudreaux's strained relationship with the City Council came to a head in recent times, with conflicts arising after a report by our news partners at KATC's affiliate, The Acadiana Advocate. The report detailed an incident from the previous year involving former Councilwoman Kayla Reaux, who was allegedly given preferential treatment following a car crash. Boudreaux's involvement in the incident drew scrutiny, leading to Reaux's resignation.

The fallout from the incident was compounded by internal turmoil within the police department. One officer was dismissed from duty, and another resigned from the civil service board, citing concerns over potential retaliation.

The City Council, earlier this year, opted to engage a Baton Rouge law firm to investigate Boudreaux's actions during his tenure as chief, reaching back to his initial swearing-in back in 2005. However, the investigation hit a pause after Boudreaux took legal action to halt its progress.

Amidst these challenges, Boudreaux found himself facing further scrutiny over allegations of improper use of city funds and the discovery of illegal drugs within the police department's premises. An audit of his expenditures found discrepancies in his use of taxpayer money for personal purposes. Additionally, a search warrant obtained by The Acadiana Advocate authorized the Sheriff's Office to access video footage from cameras within the Youngsville Police Department, as part of an investigation into a potential felony count of substance possession.

In regards to Boudreaux's resignation earlier today, Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter supported his Police Chief's decision to prioritize his health, thanking him for his years of dedicated service to the community.

I respect and support his decision and thank him for his years of law enforcement and service to our citizens.

For further details on the events leading up to Chief Boudreaux's resignation, you can refer to the original report from our news partners at KATC's affiliate, The Acadiana Advocate.

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