Once again, the Youngsville Waffle House is making headlines across the internet.

Back when it was announced that Waffle House was coming to Sugar Mill Pond in Youngsville, people actually complained that the renderings looked "too nice." Fast forward to about a week ago when the Youngsville Waffle House finally opened, and—lo and behold—this Waffle House was brand spanking new.

Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter shared a few photos of the restaurant's first day open and, almost immediately, locals began to comment on how nice the brand-new Waffle House looked.

As I'm writing this story, the Youngsville Mayor's post has amassed over 18,000 shares and over 11,000 comments on Facebook alone.

This doesn't count the numerous tweets that have sparked hundreds of reactions on their own.

Waffle House memes are nothing new, but it is quickly becoming apparent that brand new Waffle House restaurants have never really been posted on the internet—especially based on the reactions from commenters when it comes to the shiny hood vents, the immaculate floors, and a staff that looks refreshed and relaxed, ready to serve their customers with glee.

Facebook, Mayor Ken Ritter
Facebook, Mayor Ken Ritter

I can honestly say Waffle House is the only restaurant where people seem to prefer unsanitary conditions, but I think we all know that these are only jokes (right???). One TikToker by the name of @duncledrue went as far as to point out some of the comments that had him rolling with laughter.

I still haven't made it out to the Youngsville Waffle House, but I plan on visiting sooner than later. In the meantime, one of my friends Craig Spadoni (aka The Bead King) just gave his followers an update on Facebook and it seems like things are still pretty fresh in the new location.

In the end, this is all in good-spirited fun and I love to see the new location going viral worldwide. Pay them a visit, show them some love, and put a little bit of burn on that new grill for our friends at the Youngsville Waffle House.

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