Yung Miami is getting a ton of backlash on social media for the outfit that she wore at Takeoff's funeral.

On Saturday (Nov. 12), a photo surfaced of Yung Miami at Takeoff's funeral wearing an all-black leather mini dress, a sheer body stocking, thigh-high Balenciaga boots and a long black leather trench coat to complete the look.

After the memorial service on Friday (Nov. 11), the City Girls rapper also shared a series of pictures of her ensemble on her social media accounts. She captioned her IG photo gallery, "Everyday the sun won't shine but that why I love tomorrow [rocket ship emoji] [white heart emoji]."

When the photos hit social media, people were in shock that Yung Miami would wear an outfit that they deemed was perfect for the clubs but too revealing for a funeral.

“Yung Miami looked cute at the funeral, however Caresha you know that definitely was NOT funeral attire," wrote one person.

Yung Miami responded to her critics, saying that what she wore at Takeoff's funeral didn’t matter, her support did.

"I came and showed my support and that’s all that matters! What I choose to do AFTER the funeral has nothing to do with anything!!!" she typed in the comment section of a blog post on The Neighborhood Talk. "When my baby father died I did the same shit actually I was shaking my ass on the car. What I wear and me taking pics has nothing to do with me COMING TO SUPPORT AND BE THERE FOR SOMEONE WHEN ITS NEEDED!!! NEXT."

That didn't stop the haters from voicing their opinions on Caresha's attire.

"Y’all be wearing the most inappropriate things to funerals! That in conjunction with this tacky photoshoot! Just disrespectful," tweeted one person.

Another commenter wrote, "Yo…@YungMiami305 posting pics of herself from Takeoff’s funeral as if it was a fashion show… Shows just how desensitized this generation is to death ..She had to make sure she had a IG & Twitter moment .. SMFH."

An angry fan tweeted: "It's a funeral. First you run your reckless mouth against someone in his family, now you make it about your clothes? You aren’t even from Atlanta. This is some disrespectful shit. Probably haven’t even shed a single real tear while his family is broken."

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