It was recently announced in the Washington Times that the former 'Governator' Arnold Schwarzenegger was planning on lobbying to change the law prohibiting non-US born citizens from becoming president. With all the fun that was had back in the day questioning current president Obama and his birth certificate, it looks like a perfect time for Arnold to make a run for the White House. According to the Washington Post, he denied that he's aiming for the White House. A recent tweet confirmed his position on the subject.


It's not the first time an actor has taken a seat as the leader of the most powerful country in the world, and it would make for some very entertaining State of the Union addresses. For those questioning Arnold's credentials to be the leader of the free world, here are 10 examples of issues the president faces and why it makes perfect sense, based on his documented experiences in the matters.

  • 1


    Kindergarten Cop

    It's a good thing we have law enforcement in schools to track down drug dealers, and it's even better when that law enforcement official can straighten out a rag-tag group of kids and whip them into shape.

  • 2

    National Security

    True Lies

    When it comes to NSA, CIA, FBI, EIEIO, and all other initials thrown around in Washington, Harry Tasker lives double lives better than the rest. Not only was he married to Jamie Lee Curtis, he also took on terrorists bent on nuking the Florida Keys. He not only talks the talk...

  • 3

    Space Exploration

    Total Recall

    Who better to lead the charge into the wild blue yonder than someone who's already been to Mars? Douglas Quaid, that's who. Arnold not only defeated the bad guys, he also restarted the machine that would create an atmosphere on Mars, making it a suitable environment for all, not just the ones who could afford the premium dome spots.

  • 4

    Department of Health


    Seriously, what woman wouldn't vote for a man willing to subject himself to carrying a baby in the name of science? Any man that's willing to put himself in the shoes of women has more of a voice regarding women's health issues than any other man in Congress.

  • 5

    Overseas Terrorism

    Expendables 2

    Being president means having to make the tough decisions, like when to make the call to take out a terrorist threat... Or, take out the threat yourself. Arnold surrounded himself with some of the biggest bada**es in action history to take down a bad man with bad plans for some plutonium. If anyone has the guts to retrieve CIA leaker Edward Snowden in the middle of Russia, Arnold's your guy.

  • 6

    Border Security

    Last Stand

    Border security is always a hot topic for politicians. No one really wants to touch the subject, but everyone agrees something needs to be done. In an ironic twist, Arnold prevents a convicted drug lord from getting BACK into Mexico, when his path of escape runs through the small border town of Summerton Junction. It's a great way to address both border security and the drug trade, all in one tidy 107 minute film.

  • 7


    Collateral Damage

    In a never-give-up style, Arnold tracks down terrorists responsible for and explosion that took his wife and child. His ability to track down the terrorists better than the government, and with less restrictions means that the leader of our free world could save millions in taxpayer dollars by doing the job himself, and allow the other departments to take an early vacation.

  • 8


    End of Days

    In this example, the future leader of the free world goes heads-up against the biggest and baddest bad guy of them all, Satan, who is looking for a bride in of all places, NYC. Being an atheist doesn't stop Arnold from defending the world from the lord of the underworld and his attempt to bring an end of the world as we know it. He sacrificed himself to save a young woman who was destined to be the bride of Satan, as well as the entire world, which is a very admirable trait.

  • 9


    Pumping Iron

    Move over Michelle Obama, this guy is going to show you  how to get in shape. In one of Arnold's first appearances, he shows his determination and perseverance to be the best, which is something the United States of America has always had. But his motivation could push America to be better than it ever was, leaner, stronger and more prepared for anything.

  • 10

    Foreign Relations


    Who better to deal with foreign relations than someone of foreign descent? Arnold overcame all adversity in Conan to become the victor in the battle of good vs. evil. Not only did he save the princess, but decapitated a Darth Vader helmet-less James Earl Jones. Nobody wants to mess with that, guaranteed.


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