There has been a shark spotted in Gulf Shores, Alabama just off of the beach. Video of the shark swimming close to shore has gone viral on social media and you can check it out here. The person taking the video believes it was a 'Great White'.

"Y'all, I kid you not - there is a great white shark right here", said the person taking a video from shallow waters in Gulf Shores.


The beach along the Gulf of Mexico that, from Alabama to Florida, is a popular summer vacation destination for many from Acadiana.

"That is absolutely amazing. Um... I am going to go tell people to get out", said the person as they finished the video of the shark.

See the video from Facebook via Abi Young below.

According to the post, the shark appeared to be a 'Great White' and was somewhere around 10 feet long. As you can see in the video, the shark is merely feet away from the person taking the video and is swimming just around where the waves are breaking in Gulf Shores, AL.

This isn't the first shark spotted along the Gulf Coast this Summer. Weeks ago, a shark was spotted from a Panama City Beach balcony darting towards a swimmer in the ocean.

Katie Allyson Thomson via Facebook
Katie Allyson Thomson via Facebook

While shark attacks remain rare, stay vigilant when you go to the beach this summer or any time in the future. You never know what creatures are exploring in the depths or near shore!

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