I've lived in the great state of Louisiana my whole life and I still marvel at times of how little I really know about some parts of the state.

That's why I decided to go exploring -- on a map that is -- so I could learn a little more. My first observation was that there sure are some interesting sounding places up and down the Bayou State.

Let's enjoy a good chuckle before I actually get out and visit some of these places. Here are my top 10 funniest town names in Louisiana.

  • 1


    De Soto Parish

    Actually this community is named after Algonquian-speaking Native Americans who inhabited the area. It means "stand here and there", which may have referred to the tribes' migratory problems.

  • 2


    Concordia Parish

    I just saw it on the map. The locale didn't even register in the latest census. Let's just move on...

  • 3


    Webster Parish

    Located near the Arkansas border in NW Louisiana, Shongaloo means "running water" or "cypress tree". Oh, and they have a civic center and an adjacent museum.

  • 4

    Grosse Tete

    Iberville Parish

    Most of us know about Grosse Tete, which is French for "big head". The Grosse Tete exit is that quick stop after you exit the basin bridge.

  • 5


    Acadia Parish

    On your way from Crowley to Eunice, you might just stop at the Mowata Store, next to the church and baseball field. And yep, that's about all that is there, other than a lot rice fields. But the name rocks!

  • 6


    Ouachita Parish

    This metropolis is locating near West Monroe. I think it's funny because I read the name as "baw-come-ville". And they're home to the "Bawcomville Redneck Christmas Parade". Does that not sound epic?!

  • 7


    Pointe Coupee Parish

    I really couldn't find much about Coon. I believe it's located on the Atchafalaya River and there's a Coon Rd there. But the name alone is worth inclusion on this list.

  • 8


    Franklin Parish

    This town is named after a local man who would, upon request, dance a jig. It was his childhood nickname, but when he grew up, his nickname got changed to Punchin. However, by that time the town name had already stuck.

  • 9


    Jefferson Parish

    This is just a fun name to say. It was a real dude's last name, as in U.S. Senator George Augustus Waggaman (1782-1843). It's located on the West Bank of the Mississippi River and a little over 10,000 people live here.

  • 10


    Caddo Parish

    And because "Burp" was taken, we present Belcher, located in the very northwest portion of the state. 263 gaseous people call this place home.

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