Who is the hardest person to shop for on your holiday gift-buying list? The title of hard to shop for will vary from person to person. But for a lot of us it comes down to an older relative that has told us time and time again, they have everything they need. But still, at Christmas the thought of not having a present to unwrap, even if you have everything still doesn't sit well.

So we did a little noodling to come up with some ideas for what a lot of you have told us are your hardest to shop for gift recipients. And, believe it or not, many of you have an issue with what holiday gift to choose for grandma or grandpa. We don't call them that in Louisiana but this article won't be long enough to cover all the great "grandma and grandpa" names we have concocted.

The reason most of you explained that you have difficulty in finding a great gift for your elders is really sweet. You simply just love them so much and want your gift to them to be special and meaningful. Well, by gosh, I think you just stumbled on a great idea.

Vidar Nordli Mathisen via Unsplash.com
Vidar Nordli Mathisen via Unsplash.com

Special and meaningful doesn't usually come from a store. That's the kind of gift that comes from within. And, because these gifts are ones that begin and end with us, the monetary obligation for those gifts is usually quite low.

So, if you're wondering what to get the grandparent or older family member on your list well listen up because we have some great ideas. Many of them won't cost you an extra dime or a wooden nickel either.

10 Incredibly Simple and Almost Free Gift Ideas for Grandparents



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