One of the reasons we like to watch sports is the sense of belonging that competition brings us. We stand with our team in victory, we stand with our team in defeat and no matter what the outcome we remain unified. That almost sounds like one of the sayings you’d find beneath a picture of people rowing on one of those Successories motivational posters. 

The fact is we like, no wait, we LOVE our teams. Whether that team is from a sanctioned league of overpaid millionaires, a sanctioned league of student-athletes who are underwritten by millionaires, or a hometown team of guys and gals from the bar, the church, work, or a club who just like getting together and doing things.  

One of the ways we demonstrate our love for our team or better yet our “tribe” is to wear the official colors of the team.  Many times, we don’t even need the team's name or the team logo to convey our support, the colors are good enough. And a lot of times it is that straying away from an official logo that makes a team tog or token that much more unique.

Impulsivno via Etsy
Impulsivno via Etsy

In the world of Internet shopping, the place to go for unique gifts that are at least in limited production is the website Etsy. Etsy is a shopping hub where creative types go to sell their wares. Quite often you can find old collectables or handmade artifacts to support just about any person, place, or thing you want to support. 

Since I work in a building filled with Saints fans, a lot of my Christmas list is less about red and green and more about black and gold. And, not only do these items feature a homage to our favorite team, they can be a bit quirky and personal, just like the people I want to give the items to.

So, if you’re a fan of the Saints from New Orleans and your tastes run a little broader than those represented by the NFL’s fully licensed online retail shop then you might want to give our list a look-see

10 Unique Gift Ideas for Over-the-Top Saints Fans

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