Do you know the rules of living in New Iberia?

New Iberia is known for the Sugarcane Festival, Tabasco on Avery Island, and, of course, the "New Iberia Haircut." But did you know that there were rules to living in the seat of Iberia Parish?

If not—don't worry; they were literally just created today by a New Iberia resident by the name of Jason Bayard.

City of New Iberia, Facebook
City of New Iberia, Facebook

Bayard tells me that the list was actually sparked when he and a few friends were discussing chili dogs in their group text. It was determined that anytime they ordered a chili dog in New Iberia, it was necessary to clarify whether or not a wiener would be included in it.

From there, Bayard tells me, the rest of the rules pretty much wrote themselves.

10 Rules for living in New Iberia

  1. ALWAYS stipulate wiener status when ordering a chili dog.
  2. NEVER put tomatoes in gumbo.
  3. Any time someone asks, “what is needed in New Iberia?” Expect the first response to be, “a nice steakhouse.”
  4. Be on the lookout for lost weaves.
  5. When being introduced, always expect to be asked “who’s your momma and daddy”?
  6. It is proper to be questioned, “where’d you go to school?”
  7. It is also proper to be asked, “what street did you grow up on?”
  8. NEVER get upset when ordering a salad from a restaurant and getting yellow iceberg lettuce, two cucumber slices, and a piece of tomato.
  9. Know the distinction when an older person says, “Parish Hospital.”
  10. “Across the Bayou’,” should be regarded as map coordinates.

Almost instantly, the comments began to roll as Bayard's Facebook post began to circulate on social media (with heavy sharing in Iberia Parish, no doubt).

So many people from the area resonated with his post and took him up on his advice to add to the list.

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attachment-Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 3.49.47 PM

The only stipulation was, the additions had to be positive (because there's enough negativity about New Iberia out there already, amirite?).

Check out the comments on Bayard's original post and share this with everyone you know from New Iberia.

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