Valentine's Day is a day filled with love, and sweet nothings ... unless you're single. If you aren't taken on February 14th, the inevitable lovey-dovey atmosphere can be tough to endure. You can't escape it, so why not celebrate it?? Instead of voicing your V-Day complaints to a social media friends list who could care less about your loneliness, try putting these "songs made for singles" in your iPod, and crank the volume up to 10.

  • 10

    Beyonce - Single Ladies

    The only thing better than being single, is sharing your misery with a group of people who are just like you. This single's anthem from Beyonce is ready made for ladies, but guys have been known to participate sans rhythm.
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    Chris Brown - Deuces (ft. Tyga & Kevin McCall)

    All That Bull**** Is For The Birds

    This one is for all the singles who would rather be single, than deal with all the "drama." Breezy celebrates moving on by chunking up the peace out sign to the one who you are better off without. Here's to "doing you" in 2012.

  • 8

    Christina Aguilera - Fighter

    Thanks For Making Me Stronger

    This anthem is all about making your haters your motivators. In this case, your hater is your low-life ex that taught you a tough lesson in love. From here on out, you won't deal with anymore relationship BS, right? Right ???

  • 7

    Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

    I Don't Know Where I'm Going, But I Know Where I've Been

    When it comes to breakups, this one is for the repeat offenders. For those who are constantly in and out of relationships, this one is for blaring on that empowering ride home after having your heart broken. Keep it handy, because you'll probably need to play it again in a few weeks.

  • 6

    Lil Wayne - Single

    For The Selectively Single

    Sometimes you need to step away from a relationship, temporarily. Here's to those who just need to get away and be single for one night. Just remember, you aren't nearly as cool as Lil Wayne, so if you act single for a night, don't expect your significant other to be cool with it. Actually, don't expect your significant other to even be home at all.

  • 5

    Pink - So What

    For Your Inner Single Rockstar

    What's the best way to get back at an ex? Simple. Every time you go out, make sure you dress and act in a manner that will "show them what they're missing." But, be warned, chances are most people won't know your reasoning for dressing like an idiot and will only judge you. Your night will more than likely end up with you crying in the car.

  • 4

    Jason Derulo - Ridin Solo


    Another song about life being better now that you are single and drama free. Being single shouldn't be a negative thing and Jason Derulo sings about moving on to better days. Just throw on a pair of shades to cover up those tears of loneliness and get your stress-free shine on.

  • 3

    Trina - Single Again

    Back On The Prowl

    You thought the relationship was perfect, but alas, it wasn't. Get your diva on with this club anthem from Trina. Again, this is one for the repeat offenders who are constantly in and out of relationships that just never work out. Of course, you're not the problem.

  • 2

    Eamon - F*** It (I Don't Want You Back)

    When You're Really, Really, Really Done

    This is for when you don't wanna hold ANY punches back. When you literally want to say what's on your mind. This song will remind you why you're single and make you realize how HAPPY you are to be single, with a ton of curse words.

  • 1

    Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive

    You Should Have Changed That Stupid Lock

    This was a no-brainer for number one. You WILL make it alone. You CAN do it. You ARE better off now. No matter how many times love tries to crawl back into your life, Gloria reminds you that you don't have to crumble, or lay down and die for someone who hurts you in fear of being alone. Be single until you find someone who loves you as much as you love them, even if it takes a lifetime!