Are Black Cats Bad Luck?
Education is the best defense against many things, including racism, homophobia, poverty, fake news, and superstition. Pick up a book and put down the fear.

Your Garbage Bags May Be Making You Sick
Garbage bags/liners are used in almost every household in America. They do a great job keeping your trash cans clean but did you know they could also be making you sick.
Happy International Left Handers Day!
Today (August 13th) is International Left Handers Day. Twenty five percent of people are born left handed. There are, unfortunately, cultures where being left handed is sometimes regarded as undesirable...
Inaugural Downtown Snowball Festival Is Saturday
The "dog days" of summer get pretty brutal in south Louisiana. Temperatures routinely peak in the mid & upper 90's, with heat indices over the 100 degree mark. Folks all over search for a way to cool down. Snowballs are an Acadiana favorite...
Product Guarantees You'll Feel At LEAST 50% Better From Hangover
In Louisiana, we'll party at the drop of a hat and somebody's always got a hat. The problem with too much of a good time is the hangover the next morning. There is a new OTC product that for the first time in history, guarantees that you will feel at least 50% better from a hangover.

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