With Father's Day weekend on the horizon, many sons will be trying to figure out what to get for good ol' Dad. I am one of those sons. My Dad will definitely be getting a gift or a card, or maybe a gift card, but I must admit through the years it gets tougher and tougher to get something for the man who has "been there and done that."

So many sons are faced with the same dilemma, and while I can't say what to get your pops, I stumbled across something that could help you with what NOT to get your Dad for Father's Day. Props to the guys at Everyguyed.com for this harsh .. yet true list.

Generations of Father’s have been dealt a bad hand when it comes to ‘Father’s Day’. While your mother brought you into this world & fawned over you, your father was saddled with telling you what you did wrong, and why the ensuing punishment was going to hurt him more than it hurt you.

[via Everyguyed]


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