Every Monday morning, we bring your deepest anonymous confessions to the airwaves for what we like to call radio group therapy.

The confessors remain nameless, but the confessions are real—and the situations are usually complicated. This week's Monday Morning Confession is no exception as this anonymous listener reconnected with her dad on Father's Day and found out something about their relationship that she had never known before.

This Father's Day was very interesting. I recently graduated and have already moved away from home for college. Yesterday, my biological father reached out to me on what is usually a pretty tough day. You see, he’s never really been around because he was your typical deadbeat that left my mom high and dry to raise me on her own—or so I thought. Yesterday, my biological father let me in on some things that told me that him not being in my life wasn’t necessarily his choice. I won’t get into details because I'm still processing it all, but the man who was made out to be a dead beat all my life was actually forbidden by my mother to be a part of my life — and while I want to form a relationship with him now that I'm not under my mother’s roof, I'm afraid that it will affect my close relationship with my mother. Like I said, it's a lot and I almost don’t know what to believe or what to do.

This situation is probably more common than she thinks, so if you've got any advice, feel free to call the show or drop her a comment with your thoughts on the next best steps she can take.

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