Snapchat can be one of the funniest yet most annoying apps we have ever downloaded on our smartphones.

With the ability to share pictures and videos of literally ANYTHING, it has quickly become a source of entertainment for everyone everywhere. Everyone has their own unique Snapchat personality, but there are several people we ALL have on Snapchat.

For instance...

1. The Selfie Queen

We all know that person that posts at least 3-5 selfies a day just to show us that absolutely nothing has changed from the way they looked in yesterday's Snapchat selfies.

Monday: "Oh, the left half of her face has winged eyeliner today."

Tuesday: "Oh, the right half of her face has winged eyeliner today."

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2. The Gym-timidator

That girl or guy that posts a half-dressed flex pic for you before and after their workout branded with #Dedication (insert flexed bicep emoji and peach emoji) while you're sitting on the couch grubbing on a Double Quarter Pounder and a large fry.

3. The Personal Chef

Everyone's cooking like "Oooh, rice and gravy on point, wife me up! #wifeymaterial" or "Chicken and Brocolli for days #mealprep".

4. The Foodie

Right next to the chef is the person that feels the need to share every restaurant meal or fast food meal with us via photos. We all know what an Izzo's burrito looks like. #TacoTuesday #Agave #SmoothieKing #ChikFilA #BeJealous

5. The Vibers

Those who post videos of themselves nodding their head to music while riding around in their cars or sitting on their couch just steady vibin'. They are sometimes seen sitting in a cloud of smoke—or maybe their camera lens is just foggy. Who knows?

6. The Fake Ballers

We all know that one person that posts $400 cash #Ballin once a month. They just so happen to post it on the first day of every month, too.

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7. The Real Ballers

No need to show cash when they can just show us their new Lexus or Michael Kors watch or their new Ferris wheel in their backyard. Willing to bet they're all Amazon Prime members, too.

8. The Lipsyncer

I am guilty. This is me. I enjoy sending people videos of myself singing in my car all the words to a song they already know all the words to. Occasionally, I'll even use props to add a little "pizazz" to my self-made music videos.

9. The Ron Burgundy

"News Team, ASSEMBLE!" That one person that strives to be the News Team of Snapchat. They let you know what, when, and where everything is going down—and they do it with style.

Ron Burgundy Participates In KXMB TV Bismarck Newscast
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10. The Hype Man

That guy that jumps around like he's at a rave, yelling random words while successfully getting his friends to bounce along, too. "Turn up for my Snap story bro!"

11. The Alcoholic

The Snapchatter who posts pictures of alcoholic beverages everyday of every week and videos of them drinking at 10 a.m. like, "You can't 'drink all day' if you don't start first thing in the morning!"

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12. The Story Tellers

Let's just say I wish Snapchat would have never made it possible to surpass the 31-character limit on the text bar.

13. The Baby Mama

Cute, chunky, adorable babies everywhere.

14. The Haters

That person that's always taking pictures of someone else and clowning their outfit or their life in general. The "What Are THOSE?!" guys are a prime example.

15. The Star Student

Snapchats of illegible notes with Greek symbols and library parties, and 2:15 a.m. snaps of coffee, Adderall, and 274 notes cards (FYI: You're only going to get tested on probably 89 of those).

Daily Life At A Secondary School
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16. The "Up Close and Personal"

Apparently hitting people in the face with your phone is a new thing, and some people are abusing that power. Please do not enter my 3 foot bubble of personal space.

Although we're all probably guilty of being one of these people at some point in time, you know one specific person came to your mind when you read each of these. So, what kind of Snapchatter are you?


morgan bulliard

Story written by Morgan Bulliard, a 21 year old Public Relations major at ULL who is all about high fives, fist bumps, and jazz hands. You can find her in the middle of the dance floor. Follow her on Twitter here.

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