The world is full of terrible news so here is something that will make you smile.

There is a teen who is doing something good and making seniors smile across the United States.

Elle Gianelli, a 16-year-old, is making sure that seniors in nursing homes feel special, loved, and that they have a pair of crazy socks too.

It all started when Elle and her mom Rachelle took a field trip to a local nursing home in early 2020 right before covid turned the world upside down.

After covid hit the United States and everything shut down she wondered what those that were living in nursing homes were doing since they couldn't have visitors.

Rachelle recalls. "We were sitting around thinking, 'What are those people doing? They're stuck in their rooms without visitors or activities.' Then it hit us to send them the socks."

So the two came up with a way to raise money on GoFundMe so they could bring socks to seniors in their hometown of Stockton, California. That is when Socks4Seniors was born. The two quickly decided to make it into a geography lesson and started reaching out to nursing homes in other states to see if it was okay to send packages to the residents.

"She has requests from all over the world," says Rachelle, "Since, sadly over time, residents in these places change, there's always a need. And what we've learned is that some seniors never have visitors, COVID aside. It's been eye-opening, and shows this small amount of our time can make such a difference."

At the moment the mom and daughter duo don’t plan to expand their sock-giving operation but Elle is committed to sending socks to seniors and putting a smile on their faces.

We just love this story and hope that Elle keeps giving back and making seniors feel special.

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