Bryan Mires and James Gracien - two of the six survivors of the Seacor Power boat tragedy - as well as deceased worker Dylan Daspit's widow, Hannah, filed lawsuits in federal court in New Orleans on Tuesday.

This follows a lawsuit filed last week by Seacor Power against families of the crew members of the vessel that capsized on April 13. The lawsuit from Seacor is seeking to limit the company's liability under federal maritime law, which they have valued at $5,678,420.00. That's according to a press release from the law firm who filed on behalf of the victims - Lewis, Kullman, Sterbcow & Abramson.

FB via Ronnie Adams
Scott Daspit (Dylan Daspit's Father), FB via Ronnie Adams

This isn't the first lawsuit that Hannah Daspit has been a part of against Seacor. On April 23, Dylan Daspit's widow filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit in Houston against Seacor following the "presumed death of her husband."

According to today's press release, today's legal action "will be stayed until the federal court concludes the limitation of liability action." Also in today's legal action: how the surviving members escaped and spent hours at sea before they were rescued.

13 people died in the tragedy as the boat capsized in inclement weather. Whether it was people volunteering their time to help in the search or kids volunteering their time to help raise money for the search efforts, people from across Acadiana came together to do whatever they could to help bring all of the workers back home.

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