The United Cajun Navy has announced they are suspending their search for the missing Seacor crew members.

It has been nearly three weeks since the Seacor Power vessel capsized off the Louisiana coast, and seven of the 19 crew members are still missing. The United Cajun Navy has been one of the main groups leading volunteer search efforts, taking in tens of thousands of dollars in donations, but today the UCN announced their efforts will be coming to an end.

The UCN made the announcement via their official Facebook Page.

Although the organized and coordinated search efforts have been suspended, the United Cajun Navy will still use ATVs to search Holly Beach and the coast east of Texas.

The group also wished those who will continue searching well in their efforts to search for the seven missing Seacor crew members. The UCN also announced they will be reimbursing those who used their own money on search efforts as well as providing transparency on funds used for search efforts and payments provided to families of the missing crew members.

The UCN also addressed rumors that alleged misuse of funds related to search efforts as "false information" fueled by a "whirlwind of accusations."

Unfortunately, the volunteer search effort for the 7 missing Seacor crewmen has turned into a whirlwind of accusations, untruths and finger pointing when efforts should be still concerned with bringing the remaining 7 Seacor crewmen home.

Key volunteers in the Seacor search have been vocal in their displeasure with the UCN over the past few days, including Christifer DeRouen who made the announcement that he was no longer associated with the United Cajun Navy.


He later posted videos explaining his reasons for distancing himself from the organization.

Ronnie Adams, another key volunteer in the Seacor search efforts, spoke on the accusations as well.

Today, after the UCN posted that they would be suspending their search efforts, DeRouen posted information on how people could donate directly to the individual Seacor families who have been affected by the tragedy.

DeRouen suggests that anyone who wants to donate can use the following direct links to the families affected.

While there seems to be strife between groups of volunteers, search efforts continue from groups who have been sharing information through platforms like the Seacor Accident - Volunteer Search Info Facebook page.

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