The 4th of July weekend got off to quite a start in Central, La. Folks and officials woke up to a freshly toilet papered City Hall this past Friday morning. Good thing the city had just installed cameras.

The video was posted to Facebook, and Central, La Mayor Jr Shelton said the two women in the video came forward shortly after and apologized. Shelton declined to identify the women, but said the prank was a result of a misunderstanding. The mayor said he spoke with the two women for an hour, and was able to make amends.

From WAFB -

The first-term mayor suspects that the root of the unrest is that some residents feel like their voices aren't heard. However, he said more than willing to talk through any problems face to face. 

The second act of vandalism is something that has folks pretty upset, and rightly so. Officials say that 20 of the 400 American flags that were put up in celebration of the 4th of July holiday were "pulled out of the ground and thrown into the median on Sullivan Road."

It is not believed the women who toilet papered City Hall had anything to do with the flags being vandalized.

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