We often refer back to our teenage years as a time when we were "dumb and young," but even then, we knew when to draw the line. It seems as if some teenagers in this day and age are taking stupid to a whole new level and endangering their lives in the process. Underage drinking, smoking cigarettes, getting high and cutting class are all still common when it comes to teenage mischief, but none of those things hold a candle to what you're about to read.

From "vodka eyeballing" to "smoking smarties" iVillage came up with a crazy list of things that are hot and happening right now amongst teens. Of course, being a teenager doesn't automatically mean that you're partaking in any of this nonsense, but as a parent, or anyone who has a teenager in their life in any capacity, it's always good to have a heads up on what's out there. Knowledge is power, and you never know when you might be able to help a teenager from getting seriously hurt... or worse.

20 Insanely Dangerous Teen Fads That Are Happening Right Now

Drinking Hand Sanitizer


Teens have always looked for the cheapest high, and recently that cheap high has come in the form of hand sanitizer. Most formulas contain 62% ethyl alcohol, and the salt that seperates the alcohol from the sanitizer makes for a highly potent 120-proof shot. According to the Los Angeles Times - after a few drinks of the hand cleaner a person may be intoxicated to a point where medical attention is needed. Officials say it's a small problem now, but could end up becoming more of a dangerous trend, like mouthwash or cough syrup to produce a buzz. Experts say to use the foam version over the gel because it's harder to extract the alcohol.

Vodka Eyeballing


Unfortunately this has nothing to do with scanning over the vodka selection at your favorite bar or liquor store. It's the term used to describe when partying teenagers tilt back their heads and literally have a shot of vodka poured into their eye! To me this sounds like more of a punishment than anything, but the payoff here is a quick buzz when the alcohol enters the bloodstream through the veins at the back of the eye. As crazy at it may sound, the stunt has made its way from wild Vegas nightclubs to university campuses and beyond. The potential setback? Long term damage, scarring and impaired vision. Keep the vodka out of your eyes.

Car Surfing


As if "ghost riding the whip" wasn't dangerous enough, now teens are climbing on top of the car and riding it like a surfboard while their buddies are behind the wheel driving anywhere between 20 and 40 miles per hour! The Today Show recently reported on this dangerous (and illegal) new trend amongst teens and the repercussions that usually come with it. In addition to the "car surfer" being unrestrained, things can get tricky if the driver loses control or simply follows the turns of the road too quickly. The only outcome is a serious or potentially fatal accident. Keep your hands, feet and bodies INSIDE the vehicle at all times.

Twilight-Inspired Biting


Whatever happened to hickeys? Teens are taking things to the next level and Bella and Edward may be to the blame. Thanks to Twilight, True Blood and any other vampire themed fad as of late, teenagers are taking hickeys to the next level. Leaving a bite mark can actually serve as a status symbol between lovers or for status in a clique according to CNN. The bites involve breaking the skin and passing blood from one teen to the other, increasing the chance of infection, disease or worse.

Posting Racy Cell Phone Pics Online


A lot of kids think that their questionable photos are totally private because of their "settings", when indeed anything posted on the internet has the potential to dangerously spread like wildfire. Not only is it humiliating, but as we saw recently with two teenage girls from Indianapolis, racy photos posted online can lead to backlash at school and beyond. After someone passed along racy photos to school administrators, the girls were banned from sports and forced to apologize to the coaches' board. Others in similar situations have faced expulsion, the loss of scholarships and even child pornography charges. Think before you click.

Smoking Smarties


It's ironic that kids are smoking Smarties, because it may be one of the dumbest things that anyone could possibly do. There is no real reason why kids are doing this, but there are YouTube tutorials of kids "smoking" the candies by crushing them up, then inhaling and exhaling the dust. There isn't anything potentially dangerous about this besides the dust potentially clogging nasal passages but parents should still be concerned. If your kid is smoking candy, then you might need to show them some attention.

Google Earth Pool Crashing Parties


I must admit, that while this is not the best thing in the world to do, I'm almost jealous that we didn't have this technology when I was a kid. While it hasn't quite made it's way from the UK yet, kids use Google Earth to locate homes with swimming pools in their backyards, then they hit up all of their friends via text, Twitter or Facebook invite and stage a flash mob style pool party. Sometimes the pool owner's don't even realize that anything ever took place. Others wake up to beer cans and other party paraphernalia littered throughout their yards. The part where this can get dangerous is when a homeowner doesn't know whether it's a potential robber that may pose a threat on his property, or just a bunch of mischievous kids crashing his pool. I think you get the point.

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