Check out who, when, and where the New Orleans Saints will play in the upcoming 2023 regular season.

A long ROAD to open the season

The Saints only play four home games in the first 11 weeks of the regular season. Although that does include a week 11 bye, fans will only see the Saints play roughly one game per month in September, October, and November respectively. One of the two October games is a prime-time Thursday night matchup vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Luckily, the September game is a regular season home opener against the Tennessee Titans.

Kicking off at HOME in the DOME

Speaking of the home opener, Kat Terrell made a great point by noting that this will be the first true home opener in quite some time for the New Orleans Saints.

Saints are in Prime Time, Heavy on the TNF

The Saints will see a healthy dose of prime-time football this season with an early Monday Night Football appearance at Carolina in Week 2 and two Thursday night games vs. Jacksonville at home (Week 7) and against the Rams in Los Angeles (Week 17).

Long stretches away and at home

Earlier I told you the Saints only play four out of the first 11 weeks of the regular season at home and; to be fair, that's pretty balanced. But four of those first six games are on the road against Carolina, Green Bay, New England, and Houston.

The good news is, the Saints have shown they can take care of business on the road over the last few seasons squashing that whole "home dome team" narrative.

Also, more good news for Saints fans is that four of the last six games are at home with three weeks of back-to-back games in the dome in December. Happy holidays, indeed.

So, what do you think of the New Orleans Saints schedule? I've heard a lot of talking heads call it "easy" and many feel like the Saints should have an easy path to claiming the NFC South, but things always look one way on paper and completely different on the field.

That's why we play the games, right?

Like the Saints (amazing) announcement video, "The Script is in" and the black & gold has some exciting football ahead.

There is also some pretty good pettiness ahead if you pay close attention to the video above.

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