I think everyone needs and wants to feel sexy, but there is a fine line between sexy and just skanky.  You might have blonde hair and a pair of Double D's, but if the dress isn't poppin' then you ain't stuntin'.

28-year-old Mrs. Woodman has her own sense of style and loves to flaunt it.  The short skirts, black knee high boots, and cleavage showing tops just scream I'm sexy and I know it, but her hometown doesn't approve of her taste in going out clothes.  Numerous people in her town (Worcester, West Midlands) said that she is 'TOO OLD' for the outfits that she wears.  Woodman claims however that her outfits are less revealing than what some of the younger women are wearing now days.

I'm not hurting anyone, am I? I am covering everything, and I just want to have a good time."

After Mrs. Woodman and her partner split up for good she thought it was a good idea to starting hitting up the night life.  The thing about a break up is that people have a couple of 'unwritten rules' that must be followed.  Apparently Woodman knew them because back in April she went get a whopping pair of 36 Double D's.  The mother of 4 admitted she likes to flaunt her figure, but doesn't see what is wrong with her choice of clothing.

None of the pubs give me any hassle about my outfits so why do the nightclubs have such a problem?"

I split up from my partner last year and I was really upset so I had a boob job in April and got into shape going to the gym and now I just want to flaunt what I've got."

As if being denied and banned from clubs wasn't bad enough, some bouncers would even insult her when showing up to the door.  Woodman says some of the door men would even make her walk like a model in front of people for a joke.  All in all, Woodman says she just wants a little bit of respect. After taking a look at some of these picture we will let YOU decide. Personally, while DJin I have seen older people wearing less, but I don't judge.

Does she deserve to be treated different because she dresses different? We leave it up to you!!!


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