Readers and contributors of the website Reddit were discussing their Life Pro Tips for surviving in Acadiana. I have to admit there were a lot of great ideas. Then there were some that were just weak. Here are some of my favorite tips from their extensive list and why I found them to be quite useful.

  • David Grunfeld/MCT /Getty Images
    David Grunfeld/MCT /Getty Images

    Where To Find Great Gumbo

    You're probably thinking I am about to offer a list of restaurants around the area. Well, that's only if you want good gumbo. If you're looking for great gumbo you'll need to get yourself invited to someone's house. That's where the great gumbos are created. We even have our own 10 Commandments for Gumbo. This could help you find the pathway from good to great.

  • Joe Raedle/Getty Images
    Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    Learn The "Back Way"

    Traffic and traffic tie-ups are a regular occurrence in this part of the world. Most of the time the slow traffic is caused by the always present road construction zones.That's why you need to know a "back way". It probably isn't shorter than your better-traveled routes but the pain and suffering you'll avoid sitting in traffic with other annoyed drivers is certainly worth it.

  • Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
    Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

    Know Your Roundabouts

    If you think the legislature goes in circles you should try driving around Acadiana. We are fast becoming the roundabout capital of the free world with so many of these traffic easing yet totally confusing traffic features. Roundabouts are really easy to negotiate all you have to do is wait your turn and time your entry and exit. It's the people that stop, go too slow, or totally freak out when they see the roundabout that tend to bog things down.

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Avoid Left Turns

    This tip is the real reason for all the roundabouts as discussed in Tip #3. There are some roads where making a left turn will require an arrow, a lot of luck, or a very personal relationship with God. Streets like Ambassador Caffery, Johnston, and Kaliste Saloom require patience and bravery to make a left across traffic. Roads like Pinhook and Verot School Road that don't have turn lanes are some of the leading causes of road rage. Sometimes it's easier and faster just to make a circle and approach your destination from another direction.

  • Joe Raedle, Getty Images
    Joe Raedle, Getty Images

    Know Where It Floods

    Even on a typical Summer day some of Acadiana's streets and highways can become raging torrents of slow draining water after an afternoon thunderstorm. Streets like Ambassador Caffery, Congress Street, Verot School road and many others can't take a lot of water all at once. So if you're driving during a deluge you'll want to know what roads will still be passable at the time you need to pass. By the way, this is where Tip #2 can really come in handy.

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