Video has surfaced of the three men that allegedly beat 6ix9ine bloody entering the gym prior to jumping the rapper.

On Wednesday (March 22), TMZ obtained surveillance video from the South Florida LA Fitness where 6ix9ine was jumped. The video (below) begins with one of the men inside the entrance of the gym on the phone. He then opens the door for two other men who enter the building. All three men then walk together down a walkway. According to the celebrity news site, they went straight to the sauna area where the assault took place.

As previously reported, video surfaced of 6ix9ine getting jumped on Tuesday night (March 21). Multiple video clips have surfaced online showing three men punching and kicking the Brooklyn rapper-federal informant. After the beating, police and EMS were reportedly called for the bloodied rapper who was transported to the hospital.

Video of the brutal beating quickly went viral, with many people commenting on the violent clips including Wack 100.

"It's unfortunate what happened to 6ix9ine," Wack wrote in a post on Instagram. "He's a good guy. Life is full of lessons. This isn't about his so called street situation. This is about decision making on both sides. The ones who filmed and posted themselves will remember this day for years to come. And 69 will now know he has to move accordingly. #staydangerous & don't hesitate. Wish him a speedy recovery."

Boosie BadAzz had less remorse. He proposed a GoFundMe for the men who put hands and feet on Tekashi. The assault comes less than a week after someone threw a can of beer at the rapper during a baseball game in Florida.

See Video of 6ix9ine's Alleged Attackers Entering the Gym Prior to Beating Up Tekashi Below

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