I was scrolling through the Cajun Memes page on Facebook, and I found these memes that only Cajuns would understand!

Okay, Cajuns and maybe like 12 or 13 people who went to college here for a few years.

  • 1

    Mardi Gras 101: How To Outrun A Chicken.

    You don't have to be faster than the chicken, just smarter than the chicken!

    Facebook/Cajun Memes Chicken/Jude Grant
  • 2

    Cajun Breakfast Choices

    When I was growing up, it was an easy decision: stopping at Circle V in Henry for the boudin and Coke option!

    Facebook/Cajun Memes Boudin /asha Seeb
  • 3

    2 Cajun Rules

    Rule #1: Learn to make a roux

    Rule #2: Don't burn the roux!

    Facebook Cajun Memes Roux/Amber Broussard
  • 4

    Cajun Whatchamacallit

    My relatives would usually say "Grab me the chauze", but I'd hear this gem from time-to-time.

    Facebook/Cajun Memes Chauze/David Newsome
  • 5

    Got To Get It, Poppa!

    Sing it from the mountaintops!

    Facebook/Cajun Memes Opelousas Soustan/Matt Marks
  • 6

    You Aren't Properly Dressed Until You Put On...

    I love this meme for many reasons. You can read all of those reasons right on this meme!

    Facebook/Cajun Memes Romance/Kipp Nelson
  • 7

    Regardless Of Your Political Stance

    This one makes me giggle. Every. Time.

    Facebook/Cajun Memes Wayne Toups/Jesse Fred