It is safe to say that both genders complain about having a hard time understanding each other. Women do things that don't make sense to men. Men do things that leave women confused.

I have tried to explain some things from a woman's point of view as best as I can so I figured I might go a little further. First let me explain how this idea came about...

As a girl, you shave your legs. We consider it a necessary evil. However, for me, the best part about shaving is climbing into a bed with fresh sheets. I can't explain it, but a few nights ago was shave night and clean sheets night. I was ready for the treat. I thought about it when I climbed in bed and thought, 'This probably seems weird to guys.'

So when I got to work the next day, I asked some of the fellas what strange things their ladies tend to do. Here is what I ended up with:

  • 1

    Shaved Legs and Clean Sheets

    I don't think there is a valid explanation for this. All I can say is, it's smooth smooth, cher!

  • 2

    Large and Full Purses

    Why do we carry so much in our purses? Why are they so big? When I am asked these things, my answer is that I usually have everything I could possibly need. However, men tend to be frightened when asked to retrieve an object from said purse.

  • 3

    Going to the Bathroom in Groups

  • 4

    Ice Cream Fixes Everything

  • 5

    Eccessive Shoe Collection

  • 6

    'I Have Nothing to Wear'

  • 7

    Applying Makeup and Making Funny Faces

  • 8

    'Hey babe, do I look fat?'