I am one who was brought up in a world where we rarely threw anything away: if it broke, we did everything we could to fix it ourselves. (Some people these days look down upon that practice.)

There are a few items I still have that have been with me since I was a baby: my first blanket, a few photographs, a pair of bronzed shoes (I never understood that one, but, okay...). I also have a few items from my middle and high school years, college years, Army years, post-Army years - okay, so maybe I do have a slight problem letting things go.

One item I never owned was any of the Polly Pocket line of products. Actually, I can't even recall ever hearing about these toys, as I was beyond the target age by the time they were introduced.

According to an article in Southern Living, interest in vintage Polly Pocket products began to rise again in 2018, and one set actually sold for over $1,400. Since then, the prices settled back down, but it appears that being shut in during the recent pandemic re-sparked interest in the item.

Take, for instance, this slumber party-themed Polly Pocket, recently listed on eBay. What originally sold for a few dollars in the 1990s is now selling for almost $100.



How about this listing: it's the Polly Pocket Pollyville Playset, never opened, mint condition, listed for $15,000.00



$15 grand?  Unreal.

If you have a few of these laying around the house, or maybe upstairs in the hope chest, you might want to bust them out, dust them off, and list them up!

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