A Miami Police Officer has been fired just two days before her retirement for allegedly transporting two mattresses on top of her squad car. Sandra Lyles, a 32-year veteran of the Miami-Dade Police Department, was filmed loading the mattresses onto her police-issued vehicle by a bystander who later sent the photos to a local television station.



While the Miami Police Department encourages all of it's officer's to use their squad cars even when they are NOT on duty, I doubt that the department had this mind when allowing for such. Although Lyles was not on duty at the time the photo was taken, the department has still come down hard on the officer because of the recent photo.

The officer involved in this incident was only TWO DAYS away from retirement, but the department levied a harsh punishment in this case because of the officer's past record. Records indicate that Lyles has been disciplined 19 times throughout her career.

I ask, knowing that she was only two days away from retirement, do you think that department reacted TOO harshly here or was the termination warranted? Leave your comments below, but one thing was can all agree upon is that the photo is kind of funny!!!

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