A mother in New York is behind bars after family members found the body of an 8-year-old little girl, Julie, on a mattress in their home. Police say that Veronica Cirella, 31, of Plainview, allegedly fed her little girl peanut M&Ms -- which she was severely allergic to. The 8-year-old girl had cerebral palsy and was bound to a wheelchair for most of her life.  To make matters worse, cops found Cirella lying on the floor near her daughter's body. She had allegedly tried to kill herself with a cocktail of insulin injections and painkillers, and then attempted to strangle herself with an electrical cord.


"I had to give her a better life, which was to give her back to heaven," Cirella allegedly wrote. "She does not deserve to be in pain whatsoever. I don't mind going to hell because I took my life to give her a better life, which is in heaven where she can be free."

It's just another sad story of an innocent little kid being killed or harmed by the one's they trust most, their parents. It always saddens me when I hear of stories like this, but this story hits a little closer. I have worked with the Cerebral Palsy of Louisiana for several years now, and kids that have this condition are special to me. Kids with "C.P." are always so happy and never once complain about their condition. I only hope that this little angel is at peace now and that she is in better hands above. So sad.

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